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Wood Products


The wood is one of the oldest materials for construction and coating works. Wooden goods characterized by its natural, durable and elegance.

If economical factors are determining ones, the choice has to be focused on cheap goods. But, in that case, it has to be considered, that mentioned goods are made out of artificial raw materials. However, it is indisputable, that in case of free selection of goods, nobody choice non natural ones. The premium grade products, we are offering, are made according modern technologies and the main: Just natural material – wood is using.

About the company

Our company, Georgian – Dutch joint - venture “GORA”, was established in 2002. To produce and offer the goods made out of solid wood, according European standards, were set as the field of activity of company. Export of some kind of goods, as well as, wide range of private and public orders has been successfully realized within working period.